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Red Deer & Blackfalds Web Design Writes:

Whether you’re new or old to Web Design, one of the most important factors you NEED to be taking into account is the User Experience (UX) of your website. Broken down into layman’s terms this essentially refers to the amount of mental chatter that a person experience when they visit a website. Believe it or not, most everyone in this world is a UX expert without even realizing it! And chances are the less time you spend on the internet, the better UX expert you really are!

Mental Chatter is what happens when you visit a website (or a piece of software, or an app, or a digital device…etc.) and you attempt to figure out how it functions without referencing any kind of user-manual. When a website/software/app/device is built intelligently it offers very little mental chatter and allows an individual to use it seamlessly on a very first attempt without forcing the brain to work overtime and ask itself questions about functionality. The idea behind mental chatter and UX is that we have been pre-programmed based on past experiences with pre-disposed ideas about where things should be.

Have you ever used a website/device/app and questioned the position of certain elements? These can include the navigation bar, the search box, content, … ANYTHING!

A good web design contains all the elements necessary to your business/product, but also offers very little resistance in terms of mental chatter that could be the difference in your new potential client/customer from using your brand versus closing your web-page and utilizing a different company. Ultimately, a well developed site uses appropriate structure, is built professionally, and at the end of the day “Puts things where they should be…”.

Professional web development goes a long way for your company (big or small) and it’s important to note that your businesses growth in the 21st century relies on a strong online presence!

Joshua Neufeld

Owner at Red Anchor Studio
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