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Less of an article, more of a review I suppose! When I first got into Web Development I knew very little about “Coding” or “Programming” as they were more commonly referred to; however, I knew that as in any language it was necessary to learn the basics before you could be fluent enough to learn to build the next greatest Application, Software, or Website.

In going with my theme this week of basic HTML and CSS I want to take a moment to highlight what is still one of my favourite textbooks, and that is HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites (found by visiting the link in this article). As the cornerstones of any Web Developer knowing not only how to initiate a webpage, but understanding its basic structure, this text is imperative to learning the basics of managing and building websites and to keeping your website relevant and attractive.

Not so unlike a great website, this particular book has great UX (User Experience) in that it is easy to follow, contains many colourful diagrams, and is not confusing (even if you haven’t the slightest notion of the first line you write when building a website!). So much so that I felt it necessary to write about it in hopes that I can inspire more individuals (as I see more and more of my friends utilizing CMS and their own webpages on a daily basis for their own Small Businesses) to learn even the basics of computer programming. Already offered in some schools in bigger centers, it would not surprise me if school boards were to find themselves making basic HTML & CSS a mandatory class as based on the current wave of technology and information that our younger generation is being exposed to.

It may not be your first interest; however, I can assure you that with this textbook learning your first two programming languages is not the daunting task you think it is! If you are at all interested, pick it up and give it a read. This is ABSOLUTELY the first text that you should read, and is also the first textbook supplied at most Technical Institutes.

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