Blog Post: What You See Is What You Get

Red Deer & Blackfalds Web Design Writes:

“To use, or not to use…?”, isn’t that really the question? What You See Is What You Get editors that are pre-programmed into the majority of Content Management Systems as a part of Small Business Website Design are seemingly useful ideas for being able to control the output of your content. Useful for blogging, creating pages, editing current content, etc… However! Anyone who has spent any time editing a website using this style of editor knows how frustrating it can be when What You Type is not indeed What You Get. The following are some quick tips for knowing how/when to use this style of text editor, and also how to avoid unnecessary markup that can destory the layout of your latest page/post.

  • Flip Between Editors – just above most Text Insert portions on the backend of WordPress you will see an option for Visual Editor or else Text Editor. Knowing how to navigate between them will help you understand the markup you are using and why your page looks the way it does.
  • Don’t Copy & Paste – if you plan on writing your content in a Word program and copying/pasting it into your WYSIWYG editor you are going to end up with a multitude of additional markup. Get used to writing your content straight into the editor, or else copy and paste it directly into the text editing section as mentioned in the previous bullet.
  • Know Basic HTML – in the past I have written about Basic HTML as well as about what your First HTML Textbook should be. Consider giving these a quick read and educating yourself on basic HTML so you know how to control your website more fluently.
  • Turn It Off – honestly, this will solve basically all your problems. As a built-in feature of WordPress, when you are writing a blog post or page if you simply utilize the text-editor instead of the WYSIWYG editor it will automatically add most HTML markup. This excludes certain markups such as lists, and links; however, you can use the toolbar above the text-editor to add most of what you are missing. You can accomplish this by going Users > Your Profile > Turn off Visual Editor.

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