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Finding a good Text Editor for writing code can be a challenge depending on what type of purpose you need it for. My personal preference is to keep thing simple and go with Notepad++ given its simple layout and broad range of features (some of which listed below) to help maximize your ability to write clean code and cut down on development time.

  1. Using FTP Connections – Any developer/designer knows that for a Text Editor to function properly you want to be able to view files on a server, make edits, make copys, and of course create additional files that are edited and loaded right to the server. With Notepad++ this can be accomplished using the following sequence:
    • Select: Plugins > NppFTP > Show NppFTP Window
    • A window will open on the left side of the screen, and now select: Gear Symbol > Profile Settings > Add New
    • Simply enter in your Hostname, Username, and Password, hit Enter, and you will now have access to the files on your server for editing, copying and rewriting.
      ***Profiles also are saved on your software by clicking the Connection button you will be offered a drop-down of choices for future use
  2. Custom Layout – Everyone has the right to be a little bit picky when it comes to your editing screen (seeing as you might be staring at it all day!) and therefore you are going to want to pick fonts/sizes/colours that are comfortable for your eyes. This can be customized by doing the following:
    • Select: Settings > Style Configurator
    • Select the individual language you want to edit, OR, use the Global Override principle to change fonts, colours and sizes for all languages
    • Be sure to play around with the Preset Themes located at the top of the pop-up screen to see if any of their preset colour options work for you
      ***My personal preference is Bespin

Here’s a Tip!

Having a hard time with your Style Configuration staying when you exit out, and enter Notepad++ again? Make sure you right-click on the Notepad++ symbol, select “Run As Administrator” and make your Global Style Edits in this window!

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