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Transferring a WordPress website can be a bit difficult. For most Web Developers, we will build a test-site on an arbitrary domain, and then upon confirmation from a client transfer it to the active domain. Or perhaps you’re a junior developer and you have decided to change the main domain of your website and don’t just want to use a PHP-301 forward? Either way, when dealing with MySQL Databases, PHP files, and large content-folders it can be an arduous and sometimes unpredictable outcome in order to transfer an existing WordPress Website into a new domain.

Fear not! The following is a quick 4-step outline to make your transfer painless and short:

  1. Fresh Install – under your new domain name, do a fresh install of WordPress.
  2. Transfer Theme/Plugins – ideally you are using a WordPress Child Theme, and in which case you will want to use an FTP connection to transfer your existing theme folder (with both your parent and child themes) as well as your existing plugins. Activate the appropriate theme, and activate all plugins after doing this.
  3. Export Old XML – on the back end of your old WordPress site, locate Tools > Export and export an XML file that will act as a backup of your old content
  4. Import – using the WordPress Importer Plugin you can now import your XML file onto your new install of WordPress by using Tools > Import. At this point, you will want to make sure you check “Import Media Files” so that on your new website all image/PDF files are imported.

And you’re done! Pretty painless, right? The important thing to do now is comb through your new website and look for any deprecated code that was specific to your old site. Perhaps you were doing specific page-references via number through your old child-theme in which case you will want to double check; however, for the most part your new site should function as normal!

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