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Red Deer & Blackfalds Web Design Writes:

For developers who are looking to be more efficient when writing script, it is important to have reliable Developer Tools that you can utilize to write some basic code to implement into your websites. As I’ve written about previously, proper CSS and HTML Markup can make or break your website in terms of its ability to perform, scale and demonstrate your business properly.

The following are 5 of my favourite tools for maximizing your time on the computer:

  1. DIV Box Shadows – a great tool for making proper Inner and Outer box shadows for your DIV. Options for colours, opacitys, angles and everything associated.
  2. Colour Picker – here’s an easy tool you can send to your clients if they have problems picking out colours for their website. They can play around and send you proper Hex Codes and is a great way to get them involved on their own project.
  3. Google Fonts – letting your clients pick through a catalog of usable online fonts is a great way to allow them to select exactly how they want their site to look. You can use This Article on Using Google Fonts if you have trouble implementing them.
  4. List Builder – for building websites with big lists on them, custom coding each individual <li> line can be tedious. Use this tool to quickly break down each line into its own list item.
  5. Gradient Tool – adding a subtle (or aggressive) gradient to a website is a quick and easy way to make it appear professional and custom. This tool is an easy to use option that quickly builds the CSS necessary for proper gradients.

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