Blog Post: Choosing Your Branding Colour(s)

Red Deer & Blackfalds Web Design Writes:

Whether you’re rebranding your existing Small Business or you’re looking at starting a completely new one, ultimately you’re going to be face with choosing a colour scheme for your company. These colours will be used in a variety of places:

  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Business Cards and other Print Material
  • Clothing … etc.

You know your brand better than anyone, but communicating that to everyone else can be a challenge. Here are some simple Colour Rules to follow when digitizing your brand:

  • Red – Youthful. Bold. Exciting. Companies such as: Netflix, Nintendo and Coca-Cola.
  • Orange – Cheerful. Confident. Outgoing. Companies such as: Fanta Soft Drinks, Harley Davidson and Amazon.
  • Yellow – Clarity. Warmth. Optimism. Companies such as: Nikon, IKEA and McDonalds.
  • Green – Growth. Natural. Peaceful. Companies such as: John Deere, Whole Foods and Tropicana.
  • Blue – Dependable. Strong. Trust. Companies such as: Hewlett Packard, Facebook and Lowe’s.
  • Purple – Fun. Imaginative. Creative. Companies such as: Yahoo, Hallmark and Taco Bell.
  • Grey – Balanced. Calm. Neutral. Companies such as: Apple, Nike and Mercedes Benz.

Now! Let’s keep in mind that sometimes rules are meant to be broken… and that the above does not necessarily apply to every business. But what you decide to do with your branding will ultimately say a lot about your company, so choose wisely!

Joshua Neufeld

Owner at Red Anchor Studio
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