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Red Deer & Blackfalds Web Design Writes:

In the field of Web Design and Development, especially as it pertains to Small Businesses, there are a lot of abstract ideas that seem good on paper but don’t necessarily translate well when publishing it as part of your online presence. A good Web Designer will work with you to help coach your ideas in the right direction, without limiting the creativity and originality necessary for your custom website.

The following are some DO NOT DO’s when building your small business website:

  • Music Backgrounds – although you may feel inclined to entertain your audience, having any kind of audio in the background of your site will quickly deter potential customers from wanting to visit your site. This may not always be the case (perhaps for musicians); however, keep in mind that each time a new page is opened a new track will play (or restart) and the average time per page is quite low. So do your customers a favor and leave the music to a small portal where they may have the option to play a track.
  • Colour Pallet – having an inconsistent colour pallet is confusing for your clients. Granted, some industries/logos will have multiple variations and this can work in some instances, but for the most part having a small pallet of consistent colours/hues will work better to build continuity on your website.
  • Unresponsive Design – we’ve all visited website on our mobile/tablet devices that you have to zoom in and out of in order to gather any content. This is cumbersome and confusing for your users. Be sure to have your website built appropriately so that it transforms and resizes based on the width of the device.
  • Large Media Files – a website that loads slowly is aggravating. Website psychology teaches us that your user wants to spend either 3-clicks, or 17-seconds on your webpage (at the most) before they find what they’re looking for. Having oversized pictures that take forever to load can slow down this process and turn away future clients.
  • Navigations – most people want to list absolutely everything on their main navigation, in hopes that their potential clientele will filter through and find what they’re looking for. Focus on the main aspects of your business in your primary navigation and don’t be afraid to utilize a secondary navigation and/or a footer navigation for less important items.

Joshua Neufeld

Owner at Red Anchor Studio
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