Blog Post: Above The Fold

Red Deer & Blackfalds Web Design Writes:

First things first! When building your Small Business Website make sure you pay attention to the user-experience (UX), and how your website may present itself to potential clients/customers. Rule of thumb (for new individuals visiting a website for the first time) is:

  • You have 17 seconds to prove you can provide the product/service they need
  • Or! You have 3 clicks to prove you can provide the product/service they need

So while keeping a simple navigation covers you for the second bullet-point, paying attention to the length of your pages also plays a crucial role in trying to solidify new business. One of the most common terms in Web Design is Above The Fold. This essentially dictates what your visitor is able to see on your website without scrolling. This will differ based on whether or not your website is being viewed on a desktop or mobile device; however, in the majority of scenarios, websites nowadays waste a lot of this space with dramatic banners/pictures that don’t accurately get across your small business.

Your clients/customers want to know EXACTLY what your services are within a very short time-frame. So put your best foot forward! Remember, your small business website should always be UX-First!

Joshua Neufeld

Owner at Red Anchor Studio
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