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Recently I had the chance to sit down with two really good friends of mine who are getting married, and they proposed the idea of doing a Wedding Website to help organize all of the information for their big day! I’ve seen it done, and aside from being really excited about putting this together for them, I was actually really surprised more people aren’t doing this!

I know what you’re thinking: “Of course you think that, you’re a web designer! You think everyone and everything should have a website!”

Verdict: You’re probably right … However! I know in this case that these two were onto something, and it really does make a lot of sense. Let me explain:

  • Organizing RSVP’s – not only is it expensive to do up invites, but in the 21st century it is easier to locate someones email then it is to pick out their street address! And not only that, with using a digital format you have the option to send out multiple guest-invites if you find certain people aren’t responding, or if you get a fair number of people who cannot attend it is only a click away to send invites to a new group of friends/family to help fill the seats/plate you already paid for!
  • Out Of Town/Country – what do you do between the wedding and the reception? Where exactly is the reception? Where should I book my hotel? This is a great resource for your attendees to use (because of course it’s mobile friendly!) to pick out a great restaurant or local hot-spot to spend a few hours between events while you get pictures done. As well, you can include live maps, hot-button phone numbers, and directions to these locations to make everything easier! Not to mention an easy place to provide a list of accommodations and even special instructions for getting the best deal!
  • Gift Registry – how easy would it be for your friends/family who are attending to know there is a one-stop-shop online for directions to the reception, information on dress, weather updates for the day, as well as a place to know exactly where the bride/groom have registered for their wedding presents!
  • Make it Personal – include fun things like pictures from the engagement, a list of your bridal party with short descriptions, your custom wedding colours, countdown timers to the date of the wedding, and even a blog that the bride (or groom) can update leading up to the big day to keep everyone in the loop! Anything is possible online now-a-days and this is an easy way to organize not only your attendees but also yourself!

These websites are affordable, and honestly could wind up saving you money! If you’re interested send me a quick message via my Contact Page or use it to grab my Phone Number and give me a call and we can of course do a Free Consult to discuss if this is something you want to do for your special day!

Joshua Neufeld

Owner at Red Anchor Studio
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