Blog Post: What Do I Post?

Red Deer & Blackfalds Web Design Writes:

So you’re on all these Social Medias and you have no idea what to write about? Well YOU are not alone! The reality of it is as a small business operator, you are so focused on the inner workings of your business that you just haven’t had the time to invest in establishing a proper social media strategy.

The GOLDEN RULE of social media is that you need to ENGAGE your audience! How often are you on your phone or your computer and you see companies who just put advertisements for their own product/services and you commonly ignore it, or you opt-out of their news feed? This is because they are not trying to initiate conversation with their audience.

Honestly? Your post-saturation of items that deal specifically with your business should be less than 10%. This means that you should be posting items that either keep people entertained, or you inform them (and in turn they see you as both an expert and a viable source for good information). So here are some things you can think about posting:

  • Funny Stuff – a picture speaks a thousand words, and posting an appropriate and funny picture about your business or services helps you seem like a real person and in turn more attractive to new/potential customers
  • Tips & Tricks – by giving away information and giving people something tangible they can actually learn from, they are more likely to target you as an expert. For instance, people will think “Wow! If this is the type of information he/she is willing to give away for free, just imagine what kind of service I would receive if I were to pay them for their product/service!”
  • Testimonials – if you’re going to post something about yourself, atleast let SOMEONE ELSE tell the rest of the world how great you are!

Joshua Neufeld

Owner at Red Anchor Studio
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