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Chances are if you’re reading this you already have a Website. Or better yet, you are looking into what it takes to have a proper Web Design done for your Small Business! Either way, whether you’re a rookie or a veteran to the specifics of Website Development then chances are you are concerned with having a proper Google placement for your website.

Search Engine Optimization is the buzz word these days when it comes down to your website needs. You can have the most beautiful, highly-ranked UX (user experience) online presence; however, if no one is finding you then it is basically pointless… But fear not! The following are a few tips for increasing the SEO of your website, and also a few items that were once deemed appropriate that will now earn you a slap on the wrist from most search engines:

  • Keyword Loading – putting your keywords in very small font at the bottom/sidebars of your page seems like a good idea in order to get search engines to read and promote your web-page. But recent studies have shown that algorithms (methods by which search engines index your website) have become aware of this and are starting to penalize sites for using this as an SEO procedure. Using the intended keyword(s) 2-5 times on a page is plenty. Work them into your existing content, and be sure they are seen in both Paragraph tags, as well as Header tags.
  • Keyword Phrases – search engines are starting to utilize the idea of using a keyword-phrase as opposed to just individual keywords. When doing your keyword research, try and isolate common search Phrases as opposed to just Words that may eventually help you rank higher in your given business.
  • Geographic – search engines will elicit different results based on your geographical area. Use this to your advantage and use the names of Cities/Towns that you are trying to target when picking your keywords.
  • Update Your Site – at the end of the day, the algorithms used to pick which search results will rank higher are always a mystery (even to those of us in the industry!). But what has proven itself time and again for increasing your rank is updating you website with fresh content. Google, and other search engines, are more likely to index your site and show them as a possible listing to your consumer if they feel as if you have updated your site on a recent basis. This means 1-2x a month you should be logging in and freshening up your content, listing new products, writing new blogs …etc.
  • XML/Webmaster – as soon as you start developing a new site (or working on the SEO of an old one) you should be making sure your Google XML sitemaps are registered, as well as having your website listed inside of Google Webmasters. This will ensure that search engines know you exist, and that you have the proper geographical and language tags associated with your development.

There’s more to SEO than is written in this article; however, these 5 points should help you climb the ranks and acquire more business!

Joshua Neufeld

Owner at Red Anchor Studio
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