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Instagram is one of those Social Media Outlets that is very important for some businesses, and not so important for others. As society progresses, it’s fairly obvious that we are all getting just a LITTLE BIT lazier… No insult intended. But! It should also be said that laziness is a product of being provided with very efficient and powerful softwares and hardware. Instagram has managed to tackle this issue in the best way possible, and that is by eliminating all the boring stuff about Social Media (ie. reading…) and cutting straight to the chase (PICTURES!).

Before I go any further I am going to point out that I realize as a blogger all I do is write and hope that people read this; however, I also make sure that in all my social medias that I actively post pictures because at the end of the day this article is about 500 words, and a picture speaks a 1000!

Instagram started in October 2010 and has since gained over 150 million active monthly users, with over 70% of these people checking DAILY! As well, the average time spent daily by Instagram users is 257 minutes per month, which roughly translates in 10 minutes per day. This means that you’re new potential customers are actively deciding to take time out of their day to find something interesting to look at. As well, they are more likely to follow things that either inspire or inform them.

Here are three businesses that would benefit the most from an Instagram account:

  1. Gyms/Trainerssocial-proof is the best way to win over new clients. If you want to establish yourself as a professional then you better have the success stories to prove it! Post before and after pictures (with client permission) and engage in regular conversation with new subscribers to gain their trust. The gym is a very vulnerable place for new clients, and they want to feel comfortable. If they know you can get them success, they are more likely to be choose your for their fitness adventure.
  2. Salons – everybody loves a new hair-do, and by broadcasting the fresh new styles leaving your salon on a daily basis your new potential clients will know exactly what they’re in for!
  3. Artists – think visual arts (tattoo, painting, drawing, etc…) and you have to think of Instagram! What a great avenue to display your work and connect with new potential customers/clients

Joshua Neufeld

Owner at Red Anchor Studio
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