Blog Post: Why WordPress?

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So! I’ve been fielding a lot of questions from clients lately in regards to Web Design & Development as to what type of CMS and/or language they should be building their website with. Truthfully, the possibilities are endless. For most developments on the web especially as it pertains to small business, you can find infinite ways to reach the same intended outcome (atleast from a visual standpoint). So what makes WordPress so much better? And why does Red Anchor Studio dedicate themselves as a company to only this CMS? Great questions! Here’s a few bullet points to consider:

  • PHP – utilizing .php files as the majority of the WordPress installment allows for optimal templates for all the pages on your website. That means when paired with a MySQL database your website is able to house a multitude of pages without overloading your server.
  • CMS – as is the case with all Content Management Systems, having a backend that you can access from a browser makes it really handy to update your website without having to fiddle around with FTP and source files.
  • Blog Capacity – WordPress was originally intended to purely be a blogging platform, but now it has the ability to build full websites with all kinds of functionalities. But the blogging ability is still present, very easy to use, and can help generate solid SEO for your company. (read my article on Blogging here)
  • Security Features – because WordPress is used so widely as a platform, the security features it is constantly updated with are designed to help keep your website safe on the internet. This is important for all types of businesses whether you’re running a small shop, or a massive database of content and ecommerce items!
  • Responsiveness – due to Google’s new protocol on the responsiveness of websites, every WordPress theme (and child theme) is now built with responsiveness already installed. This is great for developers and end-users because it guarantees your website to look good on all devices. (Check out my article on Responsive Websites here)

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