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So you have a Small Business Website, or possibly you’re looking at putting one together? It’s important to remember that one of the most commonly overlooked aspects is that having a development is never “One and Done”! As your market changes, technologies evolve, and as your business grows … so should your web presence!

But where are your efforts best concentrated?

What parts of my website require the most attention?

Luckily, this is a fairly easy set of questions to answer. All your really have to rely on is your Analytics! The following are 4 different things you can look for in your Website Analytics that will help you determine which page(s) requires the most attention:

  1. Who Is Your Audience? – a proper analytics report will give you an idea for the age and demo-graphical location for your audience. Using this can help you pinpoint PPC ads and also help you cater to your dominant audience.
  2. What Devices Are They Using? – if the majority of your website views are coming from a mobile and you do not have a responsive website, then you have an immediate fire to to put out! Having a responsive web design is crucial for the nearly 65% of individuals who would prefer to search for a business using a mobile device
  3. Which Pages Are Getting The Most Hits? – if you have a specific product/service that is getting more hits than the others it may be something you want to start advertising more prominently on both your homepage as well as through PPC ads.
  4. Where Is Your Audience Coming From? – it really depends on the nature of your product/service; however, knowing where your audience is can help you to cater more specifically to them.

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