Blog Post: So You Wanna Impress Google…

Red Deer & Blackfalds Web Design Writes:

So you meet someone. You like them. You decide you want take your relationship a little more seriously, but you don’t know how? So what next?! Sounds like some odd-ball questions to be asking on a Design Blog … But! It’s important you start thinking this way, because in a lot of ways Dating is a lot like Google. Why do you want to impress your significant other? Well, you’re likely hoping that they take you more seriously and therefore want to spend more time with you (or rather, you want them to COMMIT to you).

So why do you want this from Google? Because! The more Google likes you, the more time it’s going to spend telling its friends how great you are! And, its friends are your newest customers.

So here’s a few similarities between Dating and Google

  • Keep Communication Active – the more regularly you update your website and appropriate Social Medias the more likely it is that Google is going to take notice and start to index you for certain things. If you are haphazard with your posting and updates, Google is going to see you as inconsistent and is going to pay a lot less attention to you!
  • It’s Not About The Money – you don’t have to pay Google for advertising, and honestly? You are more likely to reach new customers if you appear organic online. So take the appropriate measures to make sure your On and Off Page SEO are optimized. ***Read the article-link in this line for more information
  • Don’t Cheat! – you start playing games like “SEO Tricks” that you found online, then your new friend Google will put you on their Blacklist and will never want to talk about you (ie. you will not show up in their search results!)

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