Blog Post: Don’t Run With Weights

Red Deer & Blackfalds Web Design Writes:

Physical fitness is important! And nowadays it is all too common for individuals to try and find more efficient methods of getting in shape. All too often I will be outside and I see people running with small weights in their hands, and this is a BIG NO GO! You see, by running with weights in your hands (however small they may be) you are emphasizing an extremely repetitive Concentric Contraction in your Biceps Brachii as well as your Anterior Deltoid, therefore causing over-development of the two major muscles responsible for Shoulder Flexion and causing improper posture noted by Forward Shoulders representing a weakness in the posterior side of the body and thus causing shoulder and upper back pain!

Blah, blah blah … I know what you’re thinking! What does this have to do with Web Design?

Here’s the turning point of this article: “Just because you see someone else doing it, doesn’t make it a good idea!”

Especially when it comes to Web Design, just because you saw someone else do it or because you read it in a book (Or! Because someone who you thought was a Professional told you it was a good idea) does not mean you should include it in your web-page. It is important in the ever-changing world of technology to be aware that certain practices on the Internet are not very good ideas and can risk you losing placement on Google Search Indexes, as well as from a design standpoint can affect the Bounce-Rate of your website by not giving a very User Friendly Experience and causing your potential clients to leave your website before they really had a chance to look around!

It takes about 7 seconds for someone to decide if they want to use your service based on your website. They want to find you in a good position on Google, and they want to be presented with a website that functions How They Assume a Website Should Function. That means your extra-fancy designs, colour-schemes, awkward logo placement, pop-up screens, etc… that you think you want on your website because you’ve seen them on others, might not be such a good idea!

Take my advice, if you want a website then make sure you keep it as professional as possible! … Stop “running with weights” because you saw someone else do it. In my past life as a trainer I embraced individuals who were willing to hire a professional to accomplish their goals and give them proper advice to get them from their Point A to Point B the fastest, and in my new career with Web Design it is much the same.

Joshua Neufeld

Owner at Red Anchor Studio
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