Blog Post: Investing Your Time

Red Deer Web Design writes:

How much should you really know about your website? Well … Let’s be honest! You are a professional and you have a business to run. That means that customers and clients are paying you for your service/skill and thus you need to weigh where your time could be better served. For some individuals, taking control of their website is an essential part of them feeling in control of their business; however for others it’s essential to successfully outsource this part of their operation so they can focus more on their product.

One of my first bosses used to preach the idea of a 95/5 principle, and that is 100% of your business can be offset 95%, allowing you to focus on the 5% that means most. Now these numbers are a bit skewed, but what he was trying to iterate is that as a business operator you can find yourself in a position of being both the CEO and the Janitor! How can you make vital decisions based on growth and expansion if you’re busy sweeping the floors? Again, an extreme example, but what this means is as a professional you need to focus your efforts on your professional skills.

As a society we succeed leaving professionals to do professional work. We let doctors be doctors, contractors be contractors, and people look to your business for what you do! We do this because it’s not worth the stress on our own lives to worry about teaching ourselves a new professional skill to better operate our lives. If we need to build a house, or if we need surgery, do we do it ourselves? (Rhetorical, assuming you’re not already skilled in these areas) But I hope I’m being clear.

With Web Design & Development, what can take a 100+ hour investment of your time to produce a website would likely take a professional a fraction. So not only are you paying for professional work, but you are in turn buying back 100+ hours of educating and fiddling and frustration that goes into building your Small Business Website.

At the end of the day, a website is an investment in your business and your community to better help them find you. We are professionals helping professionals, and in that we all win. Focus on what makes your business grow, and put your time into what matters the most. If you would like to talk about building or maintaining your website please Contact Me, I would love to chat!

Joshua Neufeld

Owner at Red Anchor Studio
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