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One of the most important parts of running any type of website is knowing what type of traffic you are generating! When working with WordPress there are two Plugins you can use to make your life a whole lot easier, and allow yourself to view all your Google Analytics statistics right on your Dashboard. Here are the steps:

  1. Download/Install Plugins – you are going to want to start by installing Google Analytics Dashboard for WP as well as Google Analytics For WordPress
  2. Analytics Set Up – visit Google Analytics and set up an account. After which you will add a new website, follow their prompts, and be left with a code that look like this “UA-12345678-9” (or something very similar)
  3. Enter Code – under “Settings” on the back end of your WordPress site click on “Google Analytics”, after which you will be brought to a new page and you will want to click “Manually enter your UA code”, after which you will enter the code from the previous section and hit “Update”
  4. Installing to Dashboard – under “Google Analytics” which will appear on your main menu options on the left side of the screen of your WordPress back end, click on “General Settings”. From here you will click on “Authorize” and a seperate screen will pop up giving you an authorization code. Copy and paste this code back into your plugin (self explanatory once you start doing it) and hit “Save”. At this point you will have a drop down selection of any websites that you currently manage based on the hosting account information you would have entered (or currently have open in your browser) and you can select the appropriate site, choose custom colours for your dashboard information, and then hit enter to see site stats right on your dashboard!
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