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Red Deer & Blackfalds Web Design Writes:

In the Website Design world there are many options for increasing traffic to your new or existing development. For some people, collecting and utilizing an email list is an efficient way to capitalize on turning users from your website into paying customers. This type of marketing does only work for some industries; however, here are a few tips to help you as you grow your online presence:

  1. Sell The Farm – most professionals are afraid to give away too much information when doing email marketing. The problem with this lies in the fact that spamming your customers with constant ads and never really offering tangible information will lead to many of your client/customers opting out of your service. True email marketing starts with offering quality, well-formatted content to help build trust with your readers. Don’t be afraid to give too much away!
  2. Limit Upsells – although there is no definite ratio for how many marketing versus content-rich emails you should be sending, a good word of mouth is to stay in a 1:5 ratio (respectively). If you are constantly bombarding your clients with links to purchasing your goods/services you are likely only going to upset them. As stated in the last point, build the trust, give away quality information, and do your best to remain genuine. This will increase your open rate and eventually your conversion.
  3. Keep It Short – most people get more emails in a given day than they really care for … therefore, don’t waste your clients time! Keep your emails short, and full of quality. No fluff!
  4. Limit The Special Effects – people might disagree with us on this point; however, keeping your email marketing submissions very simply formatted goes a long way for whether or not your clients will actually read them. Using multiple fonts, colours, pictures, and other formatting will only take away from your true message. If the content is quality and worth opening, it doesn’t need to be overly fancy. Less is more!

As always, thank you for reading! If you have any feedback/questions please feel free to visit our Contact Page, or else leave a comment below.

Joshua Neufeld

Owner at Red Anchor Studio
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