Blog Post: E-Commerce Considerations

Web Design in Blackfalds & Red Deer Writes:

If you’re thinking about taking the jump into turning your small business into an online e-commerce web development, there are a few things you may want to consider! With the direction of current markets, more and more people are looking for fast and efficient ways to purchase goods/needs online in order to save time (and in most cases, money!). The following are 5 things to keep in mind when going about your new online store:

  1. Product Images – having a large number of images of your product can definitely work to your advantage; however, keep in mind more is not always better as it will increase load time on your sales page. Pick 3-5 of your best images, use Photoshop to determine the perfect size, and triple-check your load time so as not to lose customers!
  2. Digital Products/Subscriptions – these types of products can be a bit more tricky to organize, but finding a proper online system can pay dividends long term. Depending on your needs for a subscription based service, BuddyPress may just turn out to be your best friend.
  3. Shipping – determining individual shipping costs for various items can be tedious. If it fits with your business model, you may want to consider including the cost of shipping (roughly) in the cost of your items and then advertising as “Flat Rate” shipping, or else “Free Shipping” in order to streamline your back-end process and also entice your new customers to purchase more items!
  4. Pay 2 Play – no matter what e-commerce system you land on, you are going to end up paying some fees per transaction in order to keep online money transfers safe. The most common online e-commerce partner is PayPal.
  5. Consider A Plugin – if your new development is using a WordPress CMS, the plugin WooCommerce comes with many adaptive plugin add-ons to accomplish your wishes. Do your research, read through online support forums, and don’t be afraid to adapt your product.

Joshua Neufeld

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