Blog Post: Choosing Your Site Colours

Red Deer & Blackfalds Web Design Writes:

Choosing the correct colours for your new Web Design is an important part of your online presence. Chances are if your small business is at a point where you are ready for a website you may already have decided on colours; however, it should be noted when branding your business you want to make sure you are picking relevant colours to use online.

One popular tool that I like to use with my clients is called Adobe Kuler, as it is an online resource for choosing your Hex Colours while the wheel is designed to pair certain tones and rules together to create good harmony for your new design. This is something you can sit down with your web designer and do together, or something that you can take the time to do on your own and generate your own opinion as to the types of colours you want to see on your new website.

Here are some quick tips when picking your new site colours:

  • Stay Simple – the majority of the best sites on the internet do not exceed two colours throughout their entire site! In fact, a lot of the high-end ones only use one colour dominantly and possibly a simple highlight colour
  • Your Brand – different colours can represent different things. Consider using some of the preset colour swabs on the website and try and think of combinations that are appropriate to your business
  • Don’t Date Yourself – one of the best ways to pick colours is not to identify ones you DO LIKE, but to look at your competitors and pick ones you DON’T LIKE! A lot of poor designs come from colours that make your website look old. You know your grandmas old couch? Or the wallpaper in her house? I’m talking those kinds of colours! Retro is cool, but only when it’s done right. Pick colours that look relevant and fresh

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