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So, what is the difference between a Mobile Website and a Responsive Website?

A website that is considered just “mobile” is essentially a duplicate copy of your existing website that has been programmed/developed to fit a specific size/structure for mobile and tablet devices. This requires a lot of additional space on your server for what is basically a double-copy of all your website files, usually under a file titled “m” or “mobile” with a subdomain appearing such as “”.

Now! A website that is considered “responsive” is one in which no duplicate content is necessary on your server; however, while utilizing proper responsive CSS your website will scale and transform into slightly different structures based on the size of the browser/device you are using.

The following are the 4 biggest advantages of using a Responsive Design as opposed to just a Mobile Website:

  1. Link Continuity – because a Mobile Website utilizes a subdomain there is always the potential that a link sent via text, social media, email, etc… may not work appropriately unless the individual in question is opening the website on the same device from which the sender sent the link. This is also important when taking into account your Google Presence as avoiding complicated redirects simplifies the presence of your website and can result in better organic SEO.
  2. Appearance – when you only have two websites (mobile and browser) you are limited to the appearance of your website at two very specific sizes. With a proper responsive design you can now be sure that your website will appear professional from 200px to 20000px! (Although that would be a monitor the size of your kitchen).
  3. Faster – because of the lack of duplicate files necessary to have a proper responsive website, you will be able to count on a faster load time for your website across all devices.
  4. Long Term – responsive design is the future of Web Design. Period. If you want to build a website now that will last you long into the future then it needs to be responsive.

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