Blog Post: Responsive Framework?

Red Deer & Blackfalds Web Design Writes:

I know what you’re thinking … What in the world is a responsive framework?

Do I need one?

Do I have one?

A Responsive Website is one that is built to scale its content based on the size of the browser you are using. Still not make sense? Try grabbing the right-side of the screen you are reading this off of (assuming you are using a computer) and make the window of this website really skinny and watch the content shift around and transform. This is referred to as Responsive Framework and it is designed to change how the content of a website is viewed based on the size of a browser.

Why is this important? Here’s a few points:

  • Your Customers – almost 50% of website traffic on any website is view based on a mobile device. That means in order for your potential clients/customers to view your content properly you need to ensure that it is being displayed in an appropriate manner. Your new clients/customer do not want to have to scale in and out of your website just to find your information!
  • Site Longevity – Tablets and mobiles are the way of the future, and building a site now that is responsive to different devices and browser sizes means that your investment in a new website will pay off longer than building a website that is only optimized for a computer screen
  • Most Importantly… – Google! The way a website is built in order to account for a responsive framework is written into the code of the website. This means that when Google-bots go through your website and find these, they know you are building a website designed to optimize a user experience (UX) and therefore you are more likely going to show up on the first page of Google!

For examples of custom, responsive websites that I have built, please visit my Portfolio Page

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