Blog Post: Custom UL Icons

Red Deer & Blackfalds Web Design Writes:

Building websites for a small business allows for tons of creativity! Generally speaking, you are working with a small amount of total content and looking more to add personality with design skill to show a professional and personal edge. One quick and easy way to do this is to add a custom UL icon for any list items that are generated on your website. These (of course) can be limited to just post-pages (talking specifically about WordPress), individual content pages, or left to take over an entire website.

Using this simple bit of CSS below you can utilize custom bullet points on your own website:


ul {list-style-image: url(‘’) !important;}

Below are a few examples of ideas for your own simple bullet points, as well please feel free to download and use them on your own site! After clicking the download link, just right-click to save image to your computer.

The possibilities are endless! Just make sure when using a custom image it is in a PNG format (ideally) with an invisible background. And you are using a square image of 16×16 sizing!

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