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For Small Business owners and Website Developers, one of the most important elements on a Website is assigning a Call to Action in order to generate new business. In order to accomplish this as best as possible it is important to capture your audience by drawing their eye(s) to a certain part of the page. This is generally done with a link to a contact section that contrasts the rest of the page.

For instance, if you saw this somewhere on a page you wouldn’t be inclined to click:

Contact Us

But! If you saw something like this, you naturally would be more inclined:

Contact Us

Now! This isn’t necessarily the case for all individuals, but in terms of User Experience on a website it is important to draw the eye to certain places that require more attention. When developing a button here are the most important CSS rules to account for:

  • border-radius: – will give the corners of your button a slight curvature.
  • background: – sets the background colour and/or image of the button.
  • color: – controls the colour of the text in the button.
  • font-size: – sets the size of the font inside the button.
  • padding: – will add padding both on top of the lettering, as well as to the sides.
  • font-weight: – will either thin-out or bold the lettering of the button.
  • border: – set the line weight, colour and type of border around a button.

The CSS of a button can be taken further, but by using the rules above you will be able to generate a beautiful button in no time at all!

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